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Participation in the 12th South Pars Oil, Gas Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition, Assaluyeh

The mother industries and large factories of the country have always been among the applicants for the products of Arian Tejarat Company. Attending the Assaluyeh Oil and Gas Exhibition, while establishing relations with new companies, established useful meetings with the organization’s former customers in the southern industries of the country. In addition, the installation of the company’s disinfection equipment at the entrance of the main hall of the exhibition received positive feedback from visitors and organizers of the exhibition.

According to the director of the company’s marketing department, Mr. Radmanesh, “Participation in this specialized exhibition provided us with a good opportunity to identify disinfection challenges for large industries, which will be discussed in future meetings with the company’s production, research and development department.” “We will and will hopefully meet the needs of such industries in the near future by providing appropriate disinfection solutions.”

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Since 2015, Arian Group has carried out various activities in the field of health and has always taken steps to develop these activities effectively. Utilizing the knowledge and talent of the top university graduates and specialists of the country in the collection has been one of the main reasons for our progress during this period. From the production of advanced disinfection equipment to the provision of special services to the medical community of the country, all of them are in the product portfolio of Arian Group.

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