About Us

Arian Tejarat Company

Benefiting from scientific and empirical support of two large and pioneer companies in the field of medical services and industrial machinery, and relying on the top college graduates, Arian Tejarat Company established in 2013.

Azarbayejani Industrial Machinery and Navidiran Health Center, are the two parent companies of Arian Tejarat, each have an impressive record in the sphere of its activity.

Established in 1940, Azarbayejani Industrial Machinery company, have been among the top machinery companies in the country. The company started its operations with manufacturing of liquid storage tanks, and now, operates in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and facilities.

Navidiran Health Center, another parent company of Arian Tejarat, started its activity in 2000 providing medical Consultation and health services, and now in addition to above mentioned activities, it is among the leading centers in the country in the field of Neurofeedback services.

Arian Tejarat company benefiting from appropriate background in two areas of technology and health, is determined to provide goods and services that improve people’s lives healthier using the technology by combining of these two vital part of everyday human life. Therefore, in addition to technological development, attention to health of body and soul, is also one of the important issues in the field of activity of our company. Also development of green technologies to protect the environment is one of the main policies of the company.

Fields of Activity

The company’s activities in the field of health technology is divided into three sections:

  • Medical Devices Sales and Services;
  • Manufacture of medical and health equipment in accordance with modern technology;
  • Import and export of medical and health equipment in accordance with modern technologies.

Ongoing Projects

In this regard, the company currently has ongoing projects including the following:

  • Import and distribution of Beauty Devices for Clinics, Salons, and home use.
  • Providing fast and reliable services for medical devices.
  • Neurofeedback therapy services to enhance the harmony of body and brain and increase mental abilities.
  • Import and distribution of Pain Management Devices
  • Import and distribution of Health Monitoring Devices
  • Design and production of spirometer device to test the respiratory factors.
  • Design and production of tremor cancellation system in order to empower patients with Parkinson’s.