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Artemis Hand Disinfectant

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Artemis hand sanitizer Why disinfectant liquid?

80% of diseases are caused by contact. However, it should be noted that soap and warm water can not kill germs and only help to separate them from the surface of the skin during washing. However, this also requires careful washing and more time than disinfectants. Also, the temperature of the water, which can kill germs, is beyond the tolerance of the skin of the hand and will burn it. Instead, high-quality disinfectant fluid kills germs (bacteria, fungi, and some viruses) and prevents some common microbial diseases and their transmission (such as the flu). A good disinfectant will also prevent germs from settling on the surface of the skin for some time after use.


Disinfectants can kill up to 99% of germs in 30 seconds, up to 99.99% for a good liquid after one minute. It is enough to soak the hands with enough disinfectant liquid (about 5 cc for hospital use and about 2-3 cc for normal use) and distribute the hands well between them by moving them. Also, high-quality, alcohol-based liquids will evaporate from the surface of the hand in less than 30 seconds. In addition, the disinfectant solution does not need to be washed after use, although it is useful to wash the hands before use.



Artemis hand sanitizer: Artemis hand sanitizer is made by Arian Tejarat Company and uses Atomizer technology to spray disinfectant liquid on the hands. This device has a simultaneous hydraulic and pneumatic system and has a one-year warranty. The type of sensor used is also quite good. In this device, there are two consumption modes; In the first case, the device sprays the liquid as long as the hands are in front of the sensor, and in the second case, the spraying time can be limited, for example, the spraying time can be about 2 seconds (which is a good time for a normal disinfection). Set. This device should not be confused with automatic dispensers (instead of liquid with a sensor), because dispensers that only shrink the liquid or gel have a much lower price, higher consumption, much lower lifespan, and much more damage. Dispensers generally reduce the amount of liquid more than the initial setting after a period of use due to the analysis of the spring used in them, and of course, they leak over time. This will waste liquid consumption, and will require repair costs. In the stereohands device, due to the use of high quality electric valve (instead of spring valve), there are no leakage and adjustment problems and significant savings will be made this way. In this device, the liquid is sprayed continuously and as a result, a more precise amount of liquid can be consumed according to the need, and like liquid bottles or dispensers, it is necessary to receive a certain volume of liquid at each use. (Which can be needed to a large extent). In addition, half-liter or one-liter bottles of liquid are commonly used in hospitals, which, in addition to producing plastic waste, need to be priced at a time. But in the stereohands, due to the possibility of consuming liquid in higher volumes (for example, 5 or 20 liters), the price is also saved. In total, the stereohands device can save about 35 to 45% of the final cost (including savings in liquid consumption as well as ancillary costs) depending on the situation of use, and does not cause any significant damage. Given the price of liquid, this saving will lead to a good return on investment, especially in the case of hospitals and medical centers. This product is known as one of the most popular devices produced by Arian Tejarat Company. Complete hand disinfection with atomizer technology makes it impossible to transmit any virus in less than 5 seconds. The device’s automatic eye sensor allows the hand to be disinfected without the need for any contact with the device body. In the new generation of Clean Tech device, in addition to design innovation compared to previous models, the productivity of the device has also increased to a great extent.


Technical specifications of the device


Tank capacity  ۱ liter
Device weight 1.5 kg
Body Material Durable polyethylene (ABS)
Sensors Very accurate infrared
Power 20 watts and very low consumption
Ability to install On steel base and wooden stand
Disinfectant Ability to use market standard disinfectants


Applications of the device

Hotels, restaurants, fast food, eateries, food and pharmaceutical industries, hairdressers Toilets Hospitals, operating rooms and surgery centers, offices And clinics, laboratories and offices, banks, houses, mosques, religious places, factories and universities, and…



Can be mounted on the wall

stand and placed on the table

Adjust and control the amount of disinfectant release

Save 50% on disinfectants

Reduce the amount of wet hands with air

Eliminate 99.99% of pathogens

Complete hand disinfection in less than 3 seconds

No need to rinse hands after use

Has a very accurate electronic eye

Very high quality parts


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