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Holding a conference to recognize exemplary employees

In order to honor the employees and increase motivation in the organization, a celebration of exemplary employees in different units of the organization was held at the head office of Arian Tejarat Company. The meeting was accompanied by the awarding of cash prizes and letters of appreciation to exemplary employees in the current season and speeches by managers. According to the CEO of the company, Dr. Azarbayjani, “Human resources should be considered as the main asset of any organization. In Arian Group, the management strives to bring the praise of employees to the forefront. “They noted the importance of staff training for non-work and non-job training, and cited this as a key factor in individual and organizational development.”

The names of the selected employees of winter 99 were announced as follows:

Ms. Fatemeh Ravanbakhsh from the sales and marketing department
Dear Mr. Amir Ghaderi from the production department
Ms. Fatemeh Yavari from IT and content production department
Ms. Marzieh Azizan from the administrative and human resources department
Dear Mr. Pouria Shafaei from the Department of Commerce and International Affairs

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Since 2015, Arian Group has carried out various activities in the field of health and has always taken steps to develop these activities effectively. Utilizing the knowledge and talent of the top university graduates and specialists of the country in the collection has been one of the main reasons for our progress during this period. From the production of advanced disinfection equipment to the provision of special services to the medical community of the country, all of them are in the product portfolio of Arian Group.

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