Arian Tejarat Medical Tourism

Arian Medtour is an Iranian professional Medical Tourism company that based in Isfahan-IRAN. Arian Medtour Facilitating the healthcare needs of patient worldwide seeking all forms of medical care. “World class Medical Services at a fraction of the cost…”
Arian Medtour is managed by skilled doctors and tourism professionals with vast experience in healthcare services. we are committed to providing ethical, value-added and high-quality services, at an affordable cost.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism (also known as medical travel or global healthcare) is the process in which a patient travels to another destination for medical or health and wellness services. Oftentimes these services can take the form of a cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, knee surgery, health check-up or even a trip to a wellness spa. The term medical tourism may sound strange and exotic to some people; but in fact it is a rapidly growing phenomenon spurred on by an increasingly empowered patient base searching for quality, affordability, availability, and accessibility in healthcare.

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