CleanTech Hand Sanitizer Device

80 percent of the diseases can be spread by touch. It should be noted that soap and warm water can not kill microbes but only detach them from the skin surface in comparison to disinfectants of course, this is a time consuming process and requires a careful wash. On the other hand the water temperature that could kill microbes exceeds the range of skin tolerance and burns it. Instead a high quality disinfectant fluid while killing germs, bacteria, fungi and some types of viruses, prevent some of the common microbial diseases and their transmission (such as the flue). Good disinfectant also prevent germ cell replacement and growth on the skin after a short time. Disinfection fluid can kill 99 percent of germs within 30 seconds, it could rise up to 99.99 percent for a high quality fluid after one minute. It takes only to apply the liquid on hands (about 5 cc for hospital and 2 cc for normal use) and rub them to spread it all over the skin. Better liquids that have alcoholic base evaporate after 30 seconds from hands. However antiseptic fluids do not need to be washed, although it is beneficial to wash hands before use.

Atomizer Hand Sanitizer Device

CleanTech Hand sanitizer device is manufactured by Arian Tejarat. It uses Atomizer technology to spray disinfectant fluid on hands. This device uses
Hydraulic and pneumatic system at the same time and has one year guarantee. The high quality sensor which is used in this device is completely sensitive. This device has two usage type, the first is to put your hands in front of the sensor and it will spray the fluid automatically and the second is to set a time period for the sensor to spray for example 2 second which is a proper time for disinfection.
We should not confuse this device with automatic dispensers that have regular sensors. These devices are cheaper and highly energy consuming and oftenly face malfunction. The spring which is used in these types of dispensers after a short time use, discharge excessive amount of fluid and eventually the leak may occure to the device which means liquid waste and repair expenses. In sterihand device the normal spring is substituted with an electric high quality nozzle which prevents the device from usage leak and increases fluid saving in time. Sterihand also uses a stable method to spray. Unlike normal devices there is no need to consistently load large and unnecessary fluid containers to the device.

Hospitals generally use 0.5 to 1 liter fluid bottles for normal devices which take huge number of plastic bottles and impose more cost for every time use. But in the Cleantech device you can use higher volume containers from (5 to 20 liter s) that reduces overall expenses and plastic bottle usage. At the end our Studies proves that using CleanTech device has 35 to 45 more efficiency rather than other devices and consequently a shorter time to return the investment.


  • In two models: a rechargeable battery and a direct connection to the power supply
    Power supply
  • voltage: 12 V (battery model) 115/230 V (electric model)
  • Disinfection speed: 3 to 5 seconds
  • Working voltage: 12 V
  • Reservoir capacity: 1000 cc
  • Electric absorption: 20 W
  • Weight: 5 Kgs