CLEANair Device

دستگاه ضدعفونی کننده محیط

CLEANair Device Technical Specifications

Electric motor 220 V, 50 or 60 Hz and 700 W
Dimention (W x H) 40 × 35 cm
Net weight 3.8 kg
Tank dimention 25 centimeters
Tank Volume 4 liters
Approximate length of the power cable 3 meters
Adjustable output from 0.3 to 15 liters per hour
Rotational range from 90 to 360 degrees
Optional features Ideal for wall mounting,
fresh air injection kit with 2 meter hose
  • Turbo engines certified by CE Europe
  • Comply with environmental sterilization standards
  • Producing dry and very little particles (dry fog)
  • No need to control the device during operation
  • A timer for automatic shutdown
  • Noise generation lower than international standards
  • Does not wet the floor and its surrounding surfaces when in use
  • Very low consumption of disinfectant by the device
  • Non-leaking steel enclosure for use in autoclave
  • Measured valves for adjusting the concentrations of the produced fog
  • Highly safe to protect environmental equipments
  • Uniform and fast coverage of large spaces up to 1800 cubic meters and more
  • Uniform dispersion of disinfectants
    In sufficient time to reach microorganisms


دستگاه ضد عفونی کننده محیط nanofog

NANOFOG Device Technical Specifications

Power supply 220V AC, 50 or 60Hz
The size of the suspended particles (aerosol) smaller than microns (0.205 to 0.25 microns) in the form of dry and non-moisturizing
The range of the particle launcher up to 450 cubic meters (1800 cubic meters with turntable)
The surface coverage performance تا 450 متر مکعب (1800متر مکعب با Turntable)
Dosage per cubic meter 1 ml of ready-to-use disinfectant solution
Nozzle features Non-intrusive design nozzle, steel needle, irreversible protective plastic against chemicals
The amount of spraying per minute 50 ml / min
Solution container and its tap made of stainless steel with a capacity of 5 liters of steel 304 (durable in autoclave)

Measured plastic enclosure with a capacity of 5 liters

Silicone plumbings comply with FDA and USP Class V standards
Device handle, mounting ring, disinfectant fluid interface made of stainless steel
Air Intake Filter a unique two-layer design for separating dust and fog
Weight of the device 7 kg (with stainless steel housing)
Weight of portable device 6 kg (with plastic compartment)
  • Antiseptic function against the incidence of pervasive and epidemic diseases


  • Hospitals: Operation rooms and ICUs, public areas and clinics
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries: clean rooms, pharmaceutical and vaccine production environments
  • Laboratories: Microbiological environments and tissue / tissue
    culture, stem cells and IVF
  • Production facilities of medical equipment
  • Food and Beverage Industries