Rhinoplasty in Iran

Iran is known as the ‘nose job capital of the world’, with more per capita nose surgeries than any other country (seven times more than the United States). With well-educated and highly-experienced specialists offering different kinds of rhinoplasty — cosmetic and medical — Iran enjoys one of the richest manpower resources for this plastic surgery in the world. If you’ve stumbled on this page by googling ‘rhinoplasty in Iran‘ or ‘nose job in Iran‘, you’re in the right place.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Iran

An average cost of a nose surgery in Iran (including all expenses) is 80% lower than in America and Australia, 50% lower than in Germany, 40% lower than in Mexico, and 30% lower than in India. Depending on the doctor, hospital and clinic’s fees, and other factors, a well-performed primary nose job would cost something between $1500 and $2500 in Iran. A revision rhinoplasty cost is normally a little bit higher than a primary one.

Arian MedTour offers affordable nose job packages in three different types to fit all budgets. The price of nose surgery packages is determined by the doctor, type of hotel, and other services you wish to receive.

Arian MedTour ‘s rhinoplasty doctors will perform for you a nose job in the style of your choice, but they will also give you hints about the best nose style that fits your face so to meet the aesthetic standards and be in harmony with other facial features.

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Many people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose, or have difficulty breathing, or other functional problems, choose to undergo Rhinoplasty.
It is noteworthy that Tehran has proudly been selected as the world’s capital of nose job, since every year more than 80 thousand successful nose job surgeries are performed in Iran, mainly in Tehran, under highly skillful hands.
Depending on the type of your nose, and the medical or cosmetic procedure that will fulfill your desire and needs, our plastic surgeons choose the most suitable technique. Generally, a nose surgery is carried out using two techniques: open technique, and close technique. The type of the surgery depends on whether you are having the surgery for the first time (primary Rhinoplasty) or it is your second or third time (revision or secondary Rhinoplasty).

Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary Rhinoplasty refers to the fact that the patient has not undergone any nose surgery before, and it is his first experience. Primary Rhinoplasty can be performed both to correct the shape of the nose and treat breathing problems due to structural problems.

In primary nose reshaping surgery, excess bone and cartilage is removed from beneath the skin that covers the nose. Cartilage grafts may also be added to help remodel the nose. Primary Rhinoplasty may take one to two hours.

Secondary Rhinoplasty (Revision Rhinoplasty)

The main purpose of secondary or revision Rhinoplasty is to fix the results of previous unsuccessful surgery or surgeries. However, it is highly recommended that you should wait at least a year after the first surgery, so that all swelling subside. Secondary Rhinoplasty can also be done to repair functional issues, like breathing difficulties. Most probably, cartilage may be added or taken away during the surgery to recreate symmetry. The whole procedure may take up to four hours.

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How to Get My Nose Job Arranged in IRAN?

As someone who wants to travel to a foreign country for a surgery, with no idea how your trip would be like and what is awaiting you ahead, you have to make sure that your trip is as well-organized as possible. To save yourself the hassles of getting a visa, booking flight and hotel, communication with your doctor in a foreign language, and so on, it is highly recommended that you have a medical tourism facilitator organize all this for you.

Once you contact Arian MedTour for information regarding a rhinoplasty in Iran, one of our coordinators will guide you through all the process. Arian MedTour will do much of the work for you — you only need to show some determination!

As soon as you arrive in Iran, you will be received by our assistants and the rest of the process is continued according to a pre-planned schedule.

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